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from IRIS, FDSN, eqServer

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Vertical channnel only

AU network from IRIS
S1 network form IRIS
from Melbourne Uni Eqserver *
from SAA Eqserver
AM network from FDSN
other network from IRIS
downloaded station
download failed
* Melbourne Uni network never shows as failed.
About this page

This page is intended for downloading seismograph data for recent Australian earthquakes.
It is maintained by Eric and David Love of the Seismological Association of Australia Inc.
It requests data from networks:
Geoscience Australia (AU) via IRIS
Seismometers in Schools (S1) via IRIS
Raspberry Shake	(AM) via FDSN
UniMelb and SAA via Eqserver software
Other networks via IRIS

It collects only seismograph data, not accelerograph and other data.	For IRIS it does this by designating ?H? for the channel name.

If you have problems with this page, please let us know.

It requests data using these URLs:

Date and Time (UTC) are in the form YYYY-MM-DD and hhmm.
Date and Time are pink when not accepted and green when accepted.
A station goes white when a download has been attempted, then light green if the download succeeds or dark green if it fails.
All green stations revert to original colour when a new time is entered.
Filename is currently as delivered by agency.
For IRIS and FDNS data error 404 should show if no data available.
There is often a time lag of a number of hours before IRIS data is available.

2020-04-04 URLs updated
2020-04-17 station list updated
2020-04-23 Eqserver sites added
2020-05		Downloads now come via our server