Real-time stations shown on this site are mainly operated by DMITRE. Three sites are operated privately, but send data to PIRSA.

MRAT − Mt Rat
HML1 − near Hamley Bridge
SDAN − near Sedan
UTT − Upper Tea Tree Gully
ADE − Mt Bonython
DNL − Payneham
GLN − Glenside
PLMR − Palmer
STR2 − near Strathalbyn
MYP − near Myponga
HMV1 − Hindmarsh Valley − operated by private seismologist

ARKL − Arkaroola
HKER − Hawker
NBK − Nectar Brook
WKA − near Willalooka
ROBE − near Robe
MGBR − near Mount Gambier

S88B − Newstead, Vic − operated by private seismologist
RNDA − Aranda, ACT − operated by private seismologist

Funding for Arkaroola was from Beach Energy, Geoscience Australia and DMITRE.
Funding for most stations near Adelaide was from SA Water and DMITRE, with Federal funding through the National Disaster Mitigation Programme.


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